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The real estate agency ‘‘KTISIS’’ is activated successfully, in the marketing area which belongs at Thessaloniki’s prefecture and its suburbs thus creating contacts based on reliance and trustfulness among the office and its clientele, which is a necessary element for an excellent cooperation in any transaction.

Manages real estate beginning from Thessaloniki’s center area and expands covering the whole Eastern zone of this prefecture and its suburbs, as well as selectively sorted out real estates belonging at Xalkidiki’s prefecture.

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Thessaloniki - Suburbs
Apartments (7) (2)
Maisonettes (1)
Detached Houses (9) (1)
Land Plots (7)
Parcels (9)
Thessaloniki - Municipality
Apartments (14) (4)
Maisonettes (1)
Offices (1)
Stores (2) (1)
Apartments (4)
Maisonettes (4)
Detached Houses (1)
Villas (1)
Parcels (2)
Hotels (1)
Parcels (1)
Rest of Bulgaria
Apartments (1)